Darling Photoshoot

Darling Varsity Activations

Our client, Darling South Africa- a leader in the hair extensions industry wanted an impactful summer campaign that would drive women to choose colour extensions to spice up their look. We went back to our head quarters and after chopping things up, we returned with the social media campaign #AddColourDarling. #AddColourDarling campaign was a 6 week campaign which consisted of an online competition for women and their hairstylists to stand a chance of winning R10 000if they used colour extensions. The women would post their images of their colourful new hairstyles, tag Darling social media pages using #AddColourDarling. The response was incredible!

A video advert, a colour-inspired photography shoot and activations at universities nationwide supported the campaign. The 6 week campaign reached over 1 million people.

Darling Salon Activations

Our client, Darling South Africa, was re-launching their brand was changing from their red brand colour to the new purple. This re-launch also came with a range of new hair products that salon hairstylists needed to be made aware of. The Siyabangena Group team, rallied up the troops to communicate with 1000 salons in GP. The intention was to firstly make salon owners and hairstylists aware of the new products and 2ndly to conduct market research on the brand and product perceptions. Our skilled team successfully completed the task in just 4 weeks and presented the clients with insights that would assist the brand to further their reach.